Pay As You Go Bundles


Get up and running with your Pay As You Go account.

Click on one of the following options to get the most out of your MY TPO account.





Get Started

Step One: On your MyAccount homepage, click 'Buy New Bundle'.

Step Two: Select the bundle you'd like to purchase.


Step Three: You have the option to automatically renew your bundle every 30 days, giving you one less thing to worry about. If you don't want to be automatically charged every 30 days, untick this box.


Step Four: If this is your first bundle, you'll need to set up a payment method. Select 'New Debit/Credit Card' and fill in the requested details. If you already have a payment method saved, click 'Saved debit/Credit Card'.


Step Five: Once you've set up a payment method, your TPO Mobile bundle will be purchased and you can start using it. We'll send you an email confirming your purchase.





Change Bundle 

Step One: In My Account, click the 'Bundle'. Then, click 'Change Recurring Bundle'. 


Step Two: Select the bundle you'd like to switch to. You'll then be given the date on which this bundle will activate (this is the day when your current bundle renews).


Step Three: If you'd like to use the payment method already linked to your account, click 'Saved Credit/Debit card'. To choose a new payment method, click 'New Credit/Debit Card'. 



That's it! When your current bundle ends you'll be switched to the bundle you've just selected. Please note: you can only change your bundle once a month.




Replace Bundle

If you run out of minutes, texts or data before your bundle renews, don't worryyou can activate a new bundle early. Your current bundle will be removed and replaced with a brand new bundle.

Step One: Click the 'Bundle' tab, go to your current bundle and click 'Replace this Bundle'.


Step Two: Pick the new bundle you'd like to activate. Please note: You cannot choose the same bundle that you currently have active.


Step Three: If you'd like this bundle to automatically recur, make sure the renewal box is ticked. Then select your payment method. Your new bundle will now renew every 30 days from this date.


Step Four: Click 'Order and Pay'.





Step One: In My Account, click the 'Top-Up' tab.


Step Two: Enter the amount of credit you'd like to top up, then enter your card details for payment.


Step Three:  Your account will be topped up shortly after payment is complete.




Payment Method

You can save and edit your payment debit/credit cards at any time.

Step One: In My Account, click the 'Top-Up' tab, then click 'Saved Cards'.

Step Two: You can now either add a new card or delete a saved card.

Please note: Deleting your saved card may switch off your automatic bundle renewal. 




Check Your Usage 

To check your usage and how much allowance you have left, simply click the 'Home' tab and scroll down to see your active bundle.


View Payments

To view a history of your payments, click the 'Statement' tab. This list will show you a complete history of every card payment made in your online account.




Roaming is enabled by default for Pay As You Go SIM cards. For more information please click here.



USSD codes are a handy way of finding out information by just using your phone. To use a USSD, open up your phone number dialler on your handset and enter one of these codes. Then, start the call.

 *126# Check your remaining credit balance
*876# Find our your phone number
*#06# Find your phones IMEI number