How do I cancel my contract?

Once you sign up to your contract it will automatically roll on into the next month, every month until you contact us to let us know you'd like to cancel.

If you joined us before 01/12/2015 then you will need to provide us with at least 2 days remaining in your current monthly period, we can cancel and your contract won't roll into the next period. If you contact us <48 hours before your current month finishes, we'll terminate at the end of the next calendar month.

If you joined us on or after 01/12/2015 or you have migrated your existing account over to our 4G service you will need to provide 30 days notice of cancellation. Your account will terminate 30 days from when your request has been processed.

If you cancel your contract within 14 days of placing your order, as long as the SIM card has not been activated we will issue a full refund of your initial payment.

Want to keep your number?

When you contact us to cancel, ask for your PAC code (Port Authorisation Code).

This PAC code, is your unique code that tells the your new network that we've confirmed it's your phone number and it's OK to transfer it over.

Your PAC code lasts for 30 days - we'll let you know it's expiry date. Once you have your new service up and running - give this PAC code to your new provider and they'll arrange the transfer for you. Typically the following working day, but you can normally pick a day that suits you.

Note: if you have requested a PAC code, as your number is important to you - we won't cancel your account until you use your PAC (if we cancel your account before you use your PAC, you'd lose your number). If you don't use your PAC Code before it’s expiry or before the next month starts, your contract will continue on as normal.

To avoid your contract rolling into the following month, make sure you use your PAC before the end of the month.

Don't want to keep your number

Just let us know you'd like to cancel, we'll arrange that for you and let you know the date when your service will end. Once your service ends, you'll lose this number.