Pay As You Go Hero Bundles

How can I find out how many minutes, texts and MBs I have in my Hero Bundle?

To find out what you have left in your Hero Bundle, log into My TPO account.

To find out your credit balance, dial *126# or call 1250 from your phone anytime for free.

How do I get a Hero Bundle?

Either log into My TPO account, click on Bundles and select your bundle from there or you can add one by dialing from your phone - see the codes for each bundle here.

How long do the Hero Bundles last?

TPO Hero Bundles last 30 days.


How do I know when the 30 day period is up?

You can see the expiry / refresh date in your My TPO account.

We will attempt to send you a reminder email a few days prior to it expiring / refreshing to let you know.


Can I have more than one bundle running at the same time?

You can only have one bundle at a time, if you run out of your bundle allowance you'll be charged out of bundle rates. 


Does my remaining allowance roll over?

No. Your in-bundle minutes, texts and data do not roll over.