Can I keep my current phone number?

Of course you can! Super simple:

1) Get your PAC code: While you're waiting for your TPO SIM card to arrive, ask your existing network provider for your ‘PAC’ Code.

2) Activate your SIM card

3) Let us know your PAC code: Once your TPO SIM has been activated - fill out the below form and let us know your PAC code.

4) Test your new SIM card: Pop your new TPO SIM card in your phone before your transfer day which ensures your SIM is working as normal.




Getting your PAC from your previous mobile provider

A PAC (Porting Authorisation Code) is a code which identify your mobile number between the different networks. You can transfer your number to TPO at any time, provided you have fulfilled any contractual agreement you may have with your  previous mobile operator. If you wish to transfer your number before the end of your contract, you may be charged a fee - typically this would be the remaining line rental until the end of your contract.

You can request your PAC by calling the following numbers:

Network Name PAYG SIM Contract SIM
3 Mobile 333 333
Asda Mobile 2732  
EE 150 150
Lyca Mobile 322  
O2 4445 202
T-Mobile 150 150
Virgin Mobile 789 789
Vodafone 191 191
giffgaff 43431 or online  

Your previous provider must issue your PAC code immediately over the phone or within two hours by text message.



Before you transfer 

If you've saved any contacts or images on your SIM, make sure you back these up as after you transfer your number these will be lost. 


Test your new SIM card: Pop your new TPO SIM card in your phone before your transfer day which ensures your SIM is registered on the network to accept your current number. Simply pop the new SIM in your phone, check for a TPO signal, then take it out and put it in a safe place until your transfer day.


How long does it take?

On the day, typically you'll lose service on one or both of your numbers around 9am and by around mid-day typically your number would have been transferred over.

Occasionally, it can take up to around 6pm that day.

The length of the operation depends of the time taken by your old provider to release your number and then for TPO to transfer it.


What should I do on this day?

If your TPO SIM card is already in your phone, there is nothing to do apart from rebooting your phone in the afternoon to restart the service.

If your phone says something like 'SIM card registration failed', it has not completed yet - switch your phone off and try again in an hour or so.

When the transfer is completed and your TPO SIM is fully working, you may dispose of your old SIM card as it cannot be reused.