How to nominate the right cause for you?

We know choosing just one cause to benefit from your 10% is difficult, however our process may make it a tad easier. First you need to find a deal you love, and then you can select your cause at sign up. There are three options for you to do this:


Search for a UK Charity

When you sign up, you’ll have the opportunity to search and select a wide database of UK Charities and Causes. You can search by name or even charity number, just to be sure! Once you’ve chosen a cause close to your heart, 10% of your bill or usage will go to them and further their mission to enrich lives!


Use a partner code

If you’re joining up to help one of our partner causes then you may have a Partner Code to use. Input this code when asked during the sign up process and we’ll make sure you’re 10% is directed to their mission. If you don’t have a partner code, then just search the cause by name and select them as normal.


Contact us to nominate a cause not on our database

If you’re unable to find and select the cause you want, never fear you can just nominate them by contacting our friendly homemade Help team. You can sign up online first and contact us later.


Still spoilt for choice?

Check out our Progressive Causes and get inspired – there are a lot of charities that could use your help!