Why is my bill higher than expected?


Click on one of the following options to find out more. Please note this information applies to customers who joined after December 2015.  


Payment Methods

 By default, all TPO mobile Pay Monthly accounts have a Direct Debit for handy automatic payments. Your payment date will always remain the same, to check what date this is checked one of your invoices.

For online payments, we accept Visa and Mastercard.  




How To Change Your Package.

To request to change your package, please send us a message by clicking here. Remember to fill in the whole form and clearly state which package (price and allowances) you are requesting. 

Please note, it may not always be possible to change your plan. 




Viewing your invoice

You’ll be able to view all payments and invoices by navigating to the STATEMENT tab. To view and download an invoice, click the ‘Action’ button in the column on the far right.





how to purchase an add-on

If you run out of data during your billing cycle you can opt to purchase an Add-On. This will last until your current plan expires. In some cases, it may not be advisable to purchase an Add-on. To purchase an addon click here.





Billing Date

 Your monthly invoice will be sent to you the day after your bundle refreshes. This will include two categories of charges. 

  • Your standard monthly charge. 
  • Out of bundle charges from the previous month (roaming charges, add-ons, MMS messages etc.)






Bundle Refresh 

If you want to know how much data, minutes and text messages you have used this month click the Home button in your online account. This will show your current usage.






Limit Spending

By default, TPO accounts have a credit limit of £20*. This helps you manage out-of-allowance charges for example; roaming and going over your data allowance.

While the credit limit helps with managing your spend, please note it is not a capped Credit Limit and you may incur charges above your credit limit. This can happen if there are delays in receiving and processing network data. Also, if you are within Credit Limit when you begin a call or data session, we can only know the cost of the call once the call or data session has ended.

*The credit limit system applies to customers who joined after 1st December 2015






Service Suspended

 If your service has been suspended it is likely for one of the following options. 

  • Breached credit limit
  • Direct Debit was canceled
  • Failure to receive your month payment

Please check for an email from us that should explain more.