Why is my bill higher than expected?

Last year, our customers have requested the ability to use more minutes, texts and data once they’ve reached their plan limit.

In December 2015 we contacted all our Pay Monthly customers by email or SMS and we updated our website to let them know that their account was no longer being capped. We also communicated that we reduced our out of bundle rates to make it cheaper to call, text and use data once customers have used up their plan allowance.

If you exceed your plan limits you’ll be charged 10p/ MB, 10/ min and 10p/ text, available on this page. Please note that the failure to pay these charges can result in your service being suspended.


How can I check my usage?

 You can check out all your usage by logging into My Account.

Once you've logged on to the portal, scroll down to Details section and click on View my Bills and Recent Charges.

Hover over Billing and click on Unbilled Calls, where you will be able to see all calls and texts, inclusive of those included in your allowance and all out-of-plan charges.

The list of the charges which are not included in your bundle are available in this article.


How can I control my usage?

If you want to make sure that you are not going over your plan allowance, you can also set-up alerts from My Account.

These alerts can help you manage your data usage, thus avoiding any out-of-plan charges.