How do I top-up?

To top-up and purchase a bundle log into your account.

 (your username can be found in your Welcome email)

You can top-up at any store displaying the Payzone logo.

By the end of September you'll also be able to top-up at any outlet displaying the Paypoint logo as well.


By the end of September, you'll be able to top up your SIM in 39,000 convenience stores, off-licences and supermarkets across the country. 

Once you have purchased your top-up voucher there are three ways to credit your balance:

  1. By USSD: enter *125*, then the 12 digit voucher code, followed by # (e.g. *125*123456789012#).
  2. By SMS: text TOPUP, leave a space and then enter the 12 digit top-up voucher code to 1250.
  3. By Call: dial 1250 and follow the voice prompts


Can I top up while I’m abroad?

Yes, you can top-up online with your UK account whilst outside the UK (EU & US). You'll need to top-up by going online to our Top Up page.


Auto top-up

You can switch on our auto top-up service, to make sure you never run out of data, minutes or texts. Your account will automatically be credited with your chosen amount when your balance falls below the amount you set in your account.