How does auto top-up work?

To make sure your Pay As You Go SIM never runs out of credit you can switch on our auto top-up service. You’ll need to set up a payment method first before you can enable the auto top-up option. Click on ‘TOP-UP’ in the green menu bar. You’ll then see 4 subcategories appear underneath. Click the ‘Payment Method’ button.

You’ll be asked to enter payment details for the recurring top-up. Remember, this card will be charged each time the auto top-up occurs. We are required to take an initial payment from your card - this is just so we can validate the card; this will be for £1.00, and will be returned to your account after validation of the card is successful.

Once you’ve set up a payment method, select the Auto Top Up option as shown below.


Ensure you tick the ‘ENABLE’ check box to activate Auto Top Up – by default, it is unticked. From here you’ll be able to select the top-up amount and when the auto top-up triggers.


Selecting a bundle

Once you’ve topped up, you'll most likely want to add a bundle. Select BUNDLES in the green menu bar at the top of the page. Click ‘Add Bundle’.


You'll then see the following pop-up box:


  1. Here's where you select your Bundle
  2. If you want your bundle to automatically renew each month, ensure the ‘renew’ option is ticked – it will be enabled by default. (you'll need to make sure Auto Top-Up is enabled too)
  3. Hit the ‘Activate Now’ button

You’re good to go!