How to become a TPO Partner

We've just launched our brand new Fundraising platform "TPO Giving" and made it much easier to sign up as a charity/ cause.

Become a partner today and start unlocking benefits like activation commissions and additional help and promotion opportunities.


To register your cause or charity to our TPO Giving platform and to appear in the list for Mobile customers to select to receive 10%, please head to Our Cause page


You'll need to create a new log in (note: this is different to your normal TPO UK mobile account if you have one) and fill in the information.

That'll go to our partner team who will check your details - if you're based in the UK and US we'll also add you the list for our TPO Mobile customers to for them to select your charity to receive 10% of their mobile bill.

You'll get a notification once your Charity/ Cause page has been approved and is live on the giving platform and your cause/charity will appear in the 10% drop down list within 2-5 working days after that. 

Easy as that.

And you could be like The Trussell Trust, who is able to collect donations and UK TPO Mobile customers can select this worth cause to receive 10% of their mobile bill.


Unlock extra benefits:

As a partner you automatically get added to the list of causes/ charities that customers can select when they sign up to TPO to receive 10% of their mobile bill.

By encouraging more customers to choose your cause, you'll start unlocking extra benefits.

If you're a charity/ cause and interested in doing something similar, reach out to our Partner team in the UK or the US

TPO Giving - The donation platform that doesn’t take a cut

Unlike some other fundraising platforms we don’t take a cut from the fundraiser, so your cause benefits fully from their hard work.

The TPO Donation widget - It's kind of like an online giving machine in a box. We give you the website widget, you plug it in and you’ve got your own donations portal.

Mobile airtime options

Free Credit SIMs - We believe mobile can make a difference. Especially for those most in need. TPO can provide free mobile services to your cause. We're already giving free service to thousands of people in the UK through working with The Trussell Trust helping them support their clients through their more than food campaign.

Tailored Plans - We love our mobile plans. But if we can make one that's just right for you and it makes sense then why not?

Cause Rewards - Boost your donation pot by working with TPO

10% Back - We give you 10% of the mobile spend from every customer that nominates your cause. Simple. Registered charities (UK) and non-profits (US) auto-qualify.

Cause commissions: we can reward you for every customer that joins TPO Mobile on your say-so. We can even give you SIM cards to distribute. For example, we ran a campaig to help boost donations to PTA's across the UK (eg By connecting people to TPO, you could earn your charity/cause a little extra through special Partner offers.

Affiliate Programme - if you've got a website we want to know you. Our affiliate programmed runs under Affiliate Window.

Landing page: co-brand the orders page on the TPO Mobile sites with your ID and logos

Digital Collaboration

TPO Community - built by Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales and run by web experts. It's the place to be. All (well, pretty much) causes and their supporters are welcome.

Facebook - We’re fans. We'd love your fans to become our fans and vice versa. We can run joint programmed. Or we can just like each other a lot.

Twitter – Light touch retweets. Joint following/targeting programme. Retargeting. All options are on the table

Email - Love it or hate it it's a great way to stay in touch with customer, donors and supporters. Our email platform is there to help us collaborate with you.

SMS - As we're all mobile we use SMS to keep our customers up to date. Our SMS platform can be used for simple one-way messaging or interactive polling.

SEO - Keeping our web presence coordinated with yours can be important. So if you want to link reciprocity and metadescriptions that match we can help

Roadmap input: help TPO to develop more innovative services to help you

Featured slots: raise your cause's awareness in one of our featured partner slots on the TPO Community and on TPO Giving


In April 2016 we sent out £40,000 to nearly 200 cheques amazing causes and charities. We'll be tallying payments again at the end of June 2016 and aiming to send the next round of cheques out in July. 


We calculate the amount owing to each cause quarterly. Any cause that has a balance of >£50 we will send a cheque out to them.

If you received a notification between 15-22nd April, you'll be shortly receiving a cheque. Our next run of payments will be made in July 2016. 

We're working on improving the reporting and hope to launch a dashboard so causes/ charities can see how much money has been raised. We'll be in contact with all causes that we have contact information for in April to advise how many customers have currently nominated them and their current nomination balance.