Can I get 4G with TPO?

Yes, you can! We are thrilled to announce that 4G is now available to new and existing TPO Mobile customers.

Existing customers  

If you are an existing Pay Monthly or Pay As You Go customer and would like to swap your existing TPO Mobile service to one of our new 4G deals, please order your new SIM below:

Step by step activation guide

Please follow the step by step guide included in your SIM Pack. 
To ensure your number transfer goes smoothly, you MUST test your new SIM card. Once you activate, please insert your new 4G SIM in your phone, turn it on and dial 1250 to test for signal so we can complete your activation.

You need to do this before your transfer day – otherwise, if the SIM isn’t registered on the network before your transfer day your number won’t transfer over and you risk losing it. 


New customers

Why not switch to TPO so you can save with one of our great deals and support a cause you love? Our 4G service is available to both Pay Monthly and Pay As You GO users. Check out our deals and order your new TPO SIM now: