Pay As You Go Rates (PAYG Rates)

When you are using a TPO Pay As You Go SIM card, you are charged according to each operation, unless you purchased one of our hero bundles.

 The article below lists the different type of charges.


UK Rates

Our latest rate for minutes, texts and data is available on this page.


Premium Rates

From 1st July, charges for calls to non-geographic and premium numbers starting with 084, 087, 09 and 118 (usually to call banks, travel services, government departments, to vote in a competition or to ring directory enquiries) will be divided into two parts:

1. Access Charge - This is charged by your mobile company. With TPO we've set this at a rate of just 35p per minute

2. Service Charge (SC) - This will be set by the company you are calling.

This will be stated anywhere the number is advertised.


The tariff for other Special numbers can be found on this page.


International Rates

All calls and texts to a foreign numbers are charged depending on the type of calls and country. You can find a full list of international call and SMS rates here.


Roaming Rates

All calls, texts and data usage while abroad are chargeddepending on the type of calls and country. You can find a full list of call charges and roaming rates here.


For Pay monthly rates see here.