Cause and charity 10% donation questions

My cause isn’t listed, how do I get them on board?

If you think they might like to become an official TPO charity partner, please contact us using the email addresses below. Please note, we currently only work with US and UK charities, but watch this space!

At the moment it is only UK and US charities, watch this space!

How much of my bill goes to the charity of my choice?

10% of your monthly wireless service bill, exclusive of taxes and government fees.

How much of my donation goes to the charity?

We currently accept donations only for US and UK based charities.

For US based charities we accept donations in USD. For UK based charities we accept donations in GBP. You can donate even if you are based outside of the UK or US using your international card.

Does TPO collect gift aid / Will my donation be tax exempt?

If you’re based in the US: Your donation is tax deductible only if you are donating to a US charity.
If you’re based in the UK: You’ll need to check the ‘gift aid’ box when you make a donation, and agree with the terms and conditions.
If you are based in any country except for the UK and US: You should consult your own tax advisors for the tax impact, if any, of your donation. TPO is unaware of your domestic ability to claim any tax benefit, and TPO will not be able to handle those claims.


What is the maximum and minimum amount I can donate?

The minimum you can donate is $1 (or £1 to a UK charity), and the maximum you can donate is $100 (or £100). We’re working on accepting higher donations so watch this space!

When will my charity get my 10%/my donation?

At the most it would take 90 days for a charity to receive your donation, although it may be less. This is because we make a transfer to all charities every 90 days, so the exact length of time depends on how many days are left before the next transfer date. For example, if your donation fell mid-way between the next transfer date, it would take 45 days for a charity to receive your donation.