Can I Purchase Extra Data?


Sometimes you might need a bit more data, so we’ve launched our data bolt-ons to help you get the best value. The data bolt-ons are one-offs, so you can buy them only when and if you need them. They will expire in line with your current monthly plan.

If you’d like to continue using data after you’ve used up your data allowance without purchasing a data add-on, don’t worry - you’ll still have the ability to use the internet and you’ll be charged our standard out of bundle rates.

To be in control, if you're a Pay Monthly customer you can turn on and personalize your notification settings - just follow these steps. You can also view some great tips on how to manage your mobile data on our Blog.

Joined after 1st December 2015 or on a 4G plan If you joined TPO after 1st December 2015 or have a Pay Monthly 4G plan and you use all of your data, you will have the option to purchase extra data through an add-on.

Joined before 1st December 2015 If you joined TPO before 1st December, sorry you will not be able to purchase add-ons at the moment


To buy an add-on, please contact our care team by clicking here

Once your add-on has been added a member of our team will send you an email notifying you.

Once added by the care team, all add-ons are effective immediately, and you will be charged on your next invoice.

Add-Ons are a one off bundle purchase, if you need one next month - you'll be able to contact us to request another to be added if you wish. 

Please note: Add-Ons expire on your normal monthly plan refresh date and remaining allowance will expire and won't carry over (ie you purchase a add-On on the 10th, and your billing refresh date is the 20th of each month, your bundle will expire on the 20th and any remaining allowance will expire). There is no refund or credit issues for any unused data.