Pay As You Go 4G Network switchover (action needed before 28 July)

PAYG is now running on new 4G Network

We're excited to have launched our new 4G Service.

We know how important a reliable service, great coverage and fast mobile data speeds are to you. That’s why we’re thrilled to be rolling out our new 4G network.


Not ordered a new 4G SIM card yet: Not too late to order one now

We sent messages to all our PAYG customers encouraging them to ORDER NEW 4G SIM.

If you didn't order a SIM by mid-day Sunday 31st July, your service would have already been suspended.   

If you'd still like to migrate over to the new 4G Service, it isn't too late ORDER YOUR NEW 4G SIM and we'll be able to transfer your number across and any remaining balance. Please order this new SIM card before 15th August so it has time to arrive and for you to activate and transfer your number across. 

If you don't want to switch over and would like to keep your phone number - just contact your new provider and give them your PAC code before it expires (this was texted to you in July). Please arrange for your number to be transferred over before the PAC expires and by the 30th August. If you don't use your PAC code by then, your phone number will be lost. 

Ordered not activated: Activate your SIM 

Once your SIM card arrives you'll need to activate your new 4G SIM card and choose your transfer date.

Instructions on keeping your phone number is included in the SIM pack (your new SIM will have a temporary number on it), more information below

Note: It is essential you test your 4G SIM card before your transfer date - otherwise your transfer will take much much longer, see below for more details. 

Already activated: Transferring your number 

Once you've tested your 4G SIM card for signal and made a test call/ text you're all ready. 

So long as you've completed the "Activate SIM" step before 4.30pm, your number transfer typically will happen the following working day, unless you've picked an alternative day during Step 3

Essential: test your new 4G SIM before your transfer date, failure to complete this step will result in delays to your number transferring over. 

On your transfer day: 

Keep your old TPO SIM card in your phone, once you lose service - take it out and pop in the new 4G SIM card. It typically takes a few hours to transfer over fully - but it can take up to 6pm. 

So long as you've tested your new 4G SIM card before your transfer date, everything will go swimmingly.

Step by step activation guide: 

Please follow the step by step guide included in your SIM Pack. 
To ensure your number transfer goes smoothly, you MUST test your new SIM card. Once you activate, please insert your new 4G SIM in your phone, turn it on and dial 1250 to test for signal so we can complete your activation.

You need to do this before your transfer day – otherwise, if the SIM isn’t registered on the network before your transfer day your number won’t transfer over and you risk losing it. 

ACTIVATE your TPO 4G SIM following the steps below to avoid delays in transferring your number across (you'll find a version of this insert with your SIM card):


If your current service has been suspended

As we're switching networks, all our PAYG customers need to order a new 4G SIM card and switch over to the new service (hosted by the Three network).

Anyone who hasn't ordered a new 4G TPO SIM card has had their service suspended. 

  • If you'd like to switch: ORDER NEW 4G SIM activate and transfer your number across by 30th August we'll be able to still transfer over any remaining balance. 
  • If you'd like to leave and keep your number: Please use your PAC code which was texted to you in July before the expiry date, you arrange the number transfer before the 30th August.  

The current 3G PAYG network (hosted by EE) will be closed permanently from midnight 30th August. All remaining PAYG suspended accounts left on the old network will be permanently closed and any remaining credit will be lost.

To avoid losing your number please give your PAC code to another another provider or activate your new 4G SIM card before 30th August

What will happen to your current bundle and paid-for credit? 

Update status: If you ordered your SIM card before 11th August and activated it before 14th August, your credit has been applied to your account. If you have recently activated your SIM, we'll transfer your balance over within 2-5 working days.


When you migrate we'll transfer your balance and pro-rate your current bundle if you have one to make sure you're not out of pocket.

We'll transfer up to £5 straight away when you activate your new 4G SIM card and any remaining amount from the 1st August. 

Customers will be asked to run down their credit. Once you're switched over and activated on the new 4G Network, customers with a remaining paid-for balance will be credited up to £5 straightaway. We'll then tally up the remaining paid-for balance and any pro-rated bundle amount, and credit this remaining amount as soon as we can from 1st August.

For example, if you have £7.50 credit on your account by 28th July, you'll be credited £5 straightaway on your new 4G SIM once you switch over - the remaining £2.50 will be credited on your new 4G SIM as soon as we can from 1st August.

Please note that free credit/ bonus will not be carried over to your new TPO 4G SIM.

When you switch over, if you have: 

  • An active bundle in July: Customers who have active bundles will receive pro-rated credit applied to ensure they're not out of pocket (ie you have a £10 bundle with 14 days remaining once you switch over, we'll credit your account with £4.67: £10 bundle /30 days in a month = costs 33p/day. 33p x 14 days remaining = £4.67 credit).
  • Have credit balance: We'll transfer credit balances of less than £5 over to the new service once you active. If your current balance is more than £5 we'll process that from the 1st August. Please note, we're not able to transfer promotional/ free credit over.
  • Free credit: free credit/ bonus will not be carried over to your new TPO 4G SIM.

We'll let you know the remaining credit balance / prorated amount that we'll transfer over to your new 4G Service once your number has been ported over. This is a manual process, so it'll take a bit of time -we'll keep you posted. 

Our New 4G Bundles

Our new PAYG bundle pricing, launching on our new 4G Network:

How our bundles and pricing compare

Our new 4G Network allows us to offer our customers great value while delivering a much more reliable service. 

We've included a summary table below comparing our new 4G pricing to others based on the data allowance. You can see TPO Mobile offers great value when you compare the amount of data we include in each bundle:

If you don't have a bundle / run out of your allowance you'll be charged our standard Pay As You Go rates, which are listed below:

* EE Have to purchase an add-on like £1 100MB for 7 days. Include here as 10p/MB
** O2 £3/MB up to max £1/day
+ Vodafone £5 for 500MB. Included here as 10p/MB
++ Three £1 per day up to 100MB, then £1 per 100MB thereafter. Three only has £10 1GB bundle, the 2GB and 4GB price is illustration only based on 1p/MB.
Note: Virgin Mobile doesn't have bundles, it has "top-up bonuses". However, to make a call @35p you'd only get 29 mins with your £10 top-up.



  • What happens if I don't order and activate on the new 4G service (on Three network)? You account would have been suspended on the 28th July. If you don't take any action, your number will be lost permantaly if you've not used your PAC code before the 30th August. If you order a SIM card before 15th August you'll still have time to activate and transfer over to the new 4G Service and we'll transfer your remaining non-promo credit over. 
  • What will my coverage be like? You can check how we’ll keep you covered here. We really hope that you’ll discover that our new 4G network will be an improvement for you.
  • I don't want to move to the new 4G network, what can I do? We're confident that the new 4G network and service will provide our customers a more reliable service - however we understand that all networks have their coverage strong points and challenges - if you don't want to continue with TPO on the Three network - your account will automatically close on the 28th July. If you'd like to keep your number, we've texted you your PAC code, if you can't find this please Contact our care team and request your PAC code. 
  • Can I keep my number? When you active your new 4G TPO SIM, we'll arrange for your number to be transferred typically the following working day. When prompted during the activation process you'll be asked to enter your PAC code (it should already be pre-populated, if not please Contact our care team and ask for your PAC code) and chose a transfer date.
  • I'm having issues ordering my TPO 4G SIM, what can I do? Please try the following:
    • Switch to another device, i.e. from your mobile to your computer
    • Switch to a different browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.)
    • Make sure the format of the date of birth you entered is accurate: dd/mm/yyyy
    • If none of the above work, please contact us by sending a message at
  • I've already ordered my 4G SIM, when will it arrive? Typically it takes 3 working days for your 4G SIM to arrive.
  • I've ordered my 4G SIM and got a PAC Code I haven't asked for. When you order your new 4G SIM we'll automatically issue your PAC code so you can keep your number on the new TPO network. When you activate your new SIM just pop in the code when prompted and we'll take it from there.
  • Will the pricing change? Yes. We'll have better value bundles and prices you can see the prices above.
  • When will you announce the new international rates? We’ll be launching a new set of international calling and roaming rates. Our new rates will be released soon, we're just finalizing a few details. 
  • Will TPO still be giving 10% of my bill to my chosen cause? Of course! TPO will continue to donate 10% of your mobile bill to the charity of your choice at no extra cost to you. Together we’ll continue to support amazing causes.
  • I want a refund of my remaining top-up, how do I do this? If you have a balance of more than £10 and you topped up using your card online within the last 3 months, Contact our care team let them know you'd like a top-up refund, provide them with the "Transaction ID" and the date of the top-up which can be found on the transaction confirmation email. Unfortunately we're not able to process refunds from purchases made using vouchers (ie vouchers purchased from PayPoint, Payzone, ePay) - customers had been advised to use up remaining PAYG credit over the last month or when they move to the new 4G service it will be transferred over.
  • I purchased a bundle in July and don't want to switch, can I get a pro-rated refund? We'll be notifying customers your account will expire on the 28th July - customers will be to use their active bundle until this time. We're not able to give pro-rated refunds on active bundle purchases for customers who aren't switching to the new 4G Network.
  • What are the terms and conditions surrounding changes to my service / Network? We have the right to suspend or cancel the service if our circumstances change. Section 8 explains our right to suspend or cancel services - basically, if the agreement we have with our suppliers changes, the service we can provide to our customers also changes. We're expiring the existing PAYG service with our current supplier and we have a new agreement in place to provide our PAYG customers with a new 4G Network (hosted by Three).
  • What happens if I put my SIM in a 2G mobile? Sorry, we don't support 2G mobile phones on our new network, to it won't be possible to support your 2G phone on the new network.If you require a 2G service, this article by Kens Tech Tips hopefully will help. As most networks are retiring their 2G networks, before you join it would be worthwhile asking if they still support 2G and for how long they expect to continue doing so.
  • What happens if I put my 4G SIM in a 3G mobile? So long as your phone works with 3G it'll work just fine. The new network supports 3G and 4G - if there isn't 4G coverage or your phone doesn't support 4G, it simply drops to 3G. It'll work the same as your phone does now on the current 3G service.
  • What notifications has been sent advising customers of the changes? If we had your email address we would have emailed you from mid-June. We sent customers text message notifications since mid-June advising them of the next steps over the following 6 weeks until the end of July. Before we suspended phone numbers that hadn't ordered a new 4G SIM card yet - as a final round of communications to ensure the message was received - we sent them text messages on Monday 25th, Tuesday 26th, Wednesday 27th and a final notification on Thursday 28th July. If an order couldn't be found for a number we suspended service as notified on the Friday 29th July.  
  • I'm a Pay Monthly customer, what do I need to do? We're not making changes to the Pay Monthly service just yet, see here for more information "Pay monthly price changes and network switch over