Pay Monthly Price Changes and 4G network switchover

The prices of some of our existing 30-day 3G Pay Monthly plans are increasing soon. As we move to offering faster, more reliable 4G services the costs of providing services on our old 3G networks have increased.  

We're contacting all customers affected by these changes by email.  If you haven’t heard from us by the 7th July then your price will remain the same. 

As per our Terms and Conditions, we've given all affected customers at least 15 days’ notice of the price change.  In most cases we've given you at least 30 days’ notice. 

Launch of our new 4G Network

We know how important a reliable service, great coverage and fast mobile data speeds are to you. That’s why we’re excited to be rolling out our new 4G network. We're excited to be launching our new 4G Network (hosted by Three).   

New plans below: 


Compare our new 4G plans:

Our new 4G Network allows us to offer our customers great value - while delivering a much more reliable service. 

We've included a summary table below comparing our new 4G pricing to others based on the data allowance. 

You can see TPO Mobile offers great value when you compare the amount of data we include in each plan:

*Prices correct as at 27th June, excluding promotional pricing. Comparing 30 day rolling contracts from Vodafone, Three, O2 and EE. giffgaff doesn't have a 30-day rolling contract offer, only Pas As You Go monthly bundles. BT has 12-month contracts only. 

Questions about the 4G Switchover

Can I stay on current service? We’ll eventually switch off our old 3G/4G network (hosted by EE), however this process will take several months – this means you’ll have plenty of time to order and activate a new TPO 4G SIM card so if you’re happy as you are, there is no need to take any immediate action.

What will my coverage be like? You can check how we’ll keep you covered here. We really hope that you’ll discover that our new 4G network will be an improvement for you.

When will I be moved over to the new 4G network? Once we launch our new service, customers will be able to order their new SIM card which is required to run the new 4G service (hosted by Three). 

If you'd like to switch, you can order your SIM here 

Will my plan change when I switch? Yes. We’ll be launching a new range of 4G SIM only plans which will replace the existing ones and you’ll be able to choose the one that better suits your needs (please see above). These will replace your current 3G Pay Monthly plans. 

What happens if I put my SIM in a 2G mobile? Sorry, we don't support 2G mobile phones on our new network, to it won't be possible to support your 2G phone on the new network.If you require a 2G service, this article by Kens Tech Tips hopefully will help. As most networks are retiring their 2G networks, before you join it would be worthwhile asking if they still support 2G and for how long they expect to continue doing so.

What happens if I put my 4G SIM in a 3G mobile? So long as your phone works with 3G it'll work just fine. The new network supports 3G and 4G - if there isn't 4G coverage or your phone doesn't support 4G, it simply drops to 3G. It'll work the same as your phone does now on the current 3G service.

Will I be able to keep my number? Yes, we’ll be making it as seamless as possible for customers to keep their number. Once you activate your new SIM, we'll arrange for your number to be swapped over to the new SIM card the following working day.

When will you announce the new international rates? We’ll be launching a new set of international calling and roaming rates. Our new rates will be released soon, we're just finalising a few details. 

Will TPO still be giving 10% of my bill to my chosen cause? Of course! TPO will continue to donate 10% of your mobile bill to the charity of your choice at no extra cost to you. Together we’ll continue to support amazing causes.

What are the terms and conditions surrounding changes to my service / Network? We have the right to suspend or cancel the service if our circumstances change. Section 8 explains our right to suspend or cancel services - basically, if the agreement we have with our suppliers changes, the service we can provide to our customers also changes. We'll eventually expire the existing Pay Monthly Service service as we have a new agreement in place to provide our customers with a new 4G Network (hosted by Three).

I'm a PAYG customer, what do I need to do? Read this article: "Pay as you go 4G switch over". The current PAYG service will end 28th July, you'll need to take action to keep your service going.