Bill Limit and Capping

With TPO Mobile you can take control of your monthly costs by taking advantage of our Bill Limit feature. 


What is Bill Limit?

TPO Mobile users* can set a custom spending limit on their accounts, this means you're out-of-bundle charges will not exceed the specified amount. 


Does my Account have Bill Limit?

If you signed up before December 2015, your account will have Bill Limit.

If you signed up after December 2015, your account will not have the Bill Limit feature. If you wish to get Bill Limit you will need to transfer to our 4G platform. See here for more details. 


How do I set my Bill Limit?

For existing customers who signed up prior to October 1st 2018, your default Bill Limit is £20. For those after this date, you will be able to choose your Bill Limit during sign up

You can change your bill limit at anytime by raising a ticket herePlease note it takes two working days to take effect. 


Can I avoid all charges and just have a capped contract? 

Yes! Simply set your bill limit to £0. This means you will never be charged more than your standard monthly charge. 


*Only customers that signed up after December 2015.