Ordering a new SIM, need a replacement or an other sized SIM card?

New/Existing Customer

To order a SIM card for a GSM device, please click here. To order a SIM card for a CDMA device, please click here.

You'll receive a confirmation email shortly after you place your order - if it hasn't hit your inbox, please search your email for the subject line “Your TPO SIM card is on its way”, as your ISP could have popped it in your spam folder. 

Expected Delivery: It can take up to two weeks for your SIM card to arrive, depending on how far it has to travel – typically it’ll arrive much sooner than this. It is rare that the SIM will get lost in the post, if it has been longer than two weeks since you placed your order please let us know and we’ll arrange a replacement SIM card to be sent to you. 


Activate Your SIM

When you're ready to activate your SIM card, click here to activate and select a plan. 


Existing Customer

To order a replacement SIM card, please contact the care team.