Can I keep my current phone number?

Can I keep my number?


First and foremost, contact your current provider. Why? Because they will provide you the information required to port your number. The information is as follows:

  • Full Name that appears on the account (this may differ from the name you would like on your TPO account)
  • Account number
  • PIN number(Personal Identification Number) or Password
  • Current address on file with that provider


With this information, you are able to submit a port request to your current provider either via the web or you can call us here at Customer Care 844-TPO-TEAM (844-876-8326) for assistance. Please verify your information to ensure a successful port! A port can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 72 hours. If the information entered is incorrect, the port process will likely take longer than expected. Oftentimes, if the information is incorrect, TPO will need to cancel the account that was created, cancel the pending port request and will have to start the whole (activation & port) process from scratch!

Please do not cancel your old service, the port process will deactivate your account with your previous provider. If a number is not active during the port submission and process, the number will not port!

Alternatively, give us a call on 844-TPO-TEAM (844-876-8326) and we can talk you through the process.


If activating a CDMA account (Sprint)

It is important NOT to turn on your new phone before the transfer is completed. In most cases, your old phone will work during the process. Turn your new phone on when the old phone stops working. When you turn on your new phone it will be programmed with your number. Your phone may be programmed incorrectly if you turn it on before the transfer is completed.

Note, if you request a port over the weekend, it will likely transfer across on Monday morning. 




If activating a GSM account

All that is needed is your SIM card number (you would not use the letter on the end, only the number!), the information from your previous provider and your phone identifier (ESN, IMEI, MEID - Dial *#06# on your the phone for it).  You can start the port process on the web or call us at Customer Care for assistance. Porting MUST be initiated at the time of activation. We cannot port a number to an active GSM account.