How to become a TPO Partner

If you're an existing USA based charity with an EIN, you're already in our database for TPO Mobile customers to nominate to receive 10% of their mobile spend.

Discover your personalized order link:

Share your personalized order link, and you'll get 10% of their mobile spend at no cost to them.<enter your EIN, remove hyphen>/offer

(search for EIN of your cause, here)

For example: 

Name EIN Link
Planet Water 27-1236020
Seewall child 20-8187765


Share your link

Tweet or put a post on Facebook - something like: 

Support <cause>, we get 10% of your spend at no cost to you:<EIN>/offer

Support <cause> and get $10 free credit when you join TPO mobile:<EIN>/offer

Become a partner today and start unlocking benefits like activation commissions and additional help and promotion opportunities.


To register your cause or charity to our TPO Giving platform and to appear in the list for Mobile customers to select to receive 10%, please head to Our Cause page


You'll need to create a new log in (note: this is different to your normal TPO UK mobile account if you have one) and fill in the information.

That'll go to our partner team who will check your details - if you're based in the UK and US we'll also add you the list for our TPO Mobile customers to for them to select your charity to receive 10% of their mobile bill.

You'll get a notification once your Charity/ Cause page has been approved and is live on the giving platform and your cause/charity will appear in the 10% drop down list within 2-5 working days after that. 

Easy as that.

And you could be like The Trussell Trust, who is able to collect donations and UK TPO Mobile customers can select this worth cause to receive 10% of their mobile bill.


Unlock extra benefits:

As a partner you automatically get added to the list of causes/ charities that customers can select when they sign up to TPO to receive 10% of their mobile bill.

By encouraging more customers to choose your cause, you'll start unlocking extra benefits.

If you're a charity/ cause and interested in doing something similar, reach out to our Partner team in the UK or the US


In April 2016 we sent out 200 cheques worth £40K to amazing causes and charities. We'll be tallying payments again at the end of June 2016 and aiming to send the next round of cheques out in July. 

We calculate the amount owing to each cause quarterly. Any cause that has a balance of >$50 we will send a cheque out to them.

We'll notify partners early July if there is a payment of over $50 to be made to let you know that a cheque is on its way. If you don't receive a payment in this round, it is because your tally isn't quite $50 yet. 

We're working on improving the reporting and hope to launch a dashboard so causes/ charities can see how much money has been raised. We'll be in contact with all causes that we have contact information for in April to advise how many customers have currently nominated them and their current nomination balance.