I want to change my plan. What do I do?

Sometimes you will find yourself using more of your Minutes, SMS and Data than you imagined you would or perhaps you want to make some calls to your friends and family overseas.  Whatever the case, we've got you covered! 





How To Change your plan

If you're thinking of switching up your plan for the next month, this can be done from the comfort of your MyTPO Account. 

Inside your MyTPO Account you can change your plan, this will take effect when your current plan expires. All prices listed here do not include the Auto-pay discount, but if Auto-pay is enabled the discount will be applied. 

1) Go to Plan. You will see your current plan and the expiration date. 

 2) Scroll down and select the plan you would like to move to. 

3) Before the plan is changed the price total, including any applicable taxes and surcharges will be display. 





how to purchase an add-on

If you run out of data during your billing cycle you can opt to purchase an Add-On. This will last until your current plan expires. In some cases it may not be advisable to purchase an Add-on. 

To purchase an Add-on please go to. 

1) Click Add-ons

2) Select the Add-on you wish to purchase by clicking Get Add-on.


make international calls

Want to make calls to your friends and family overseas? Not a problem! 

With TPO Mobile customers can purchase international calling plans, for more information click here