MY TPO Guide


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Click on one of the following options to get the most out of your MY TPO account.


How To Change your details

 Inside your My TPO you can edit the personal details of your account. To do so, please head to:

1) Settings.

2) Click Change Personal Details. 

3) You may now enter the new details for your account. 

4) Once done, click Update Account to complete the steps. 






How To Change your plan

Inside your MyTPO Account you can change  your plan, this will take effect when your current plan expires. All prices listed here do not include the Auto-pay discount, but if Auto-pay is enabled the discount will be applied. 

1) Go to Plan. You will see your current plan and the expiration date. 

 2) Scroll down and select the plan you would like to move to. 

3) Before the plan is changed the price total, including any applicable taxes and surcharges will be displayed. 







How to Recharge your account

If you run out of Data, Minutes or Text's before your bundle refresh, you can Recharge your account. 

This will change your plan and your bill cycle will begin from today.

1) Click Recharge. 

2) Scroll down and select the Recharge plan you would like to select. 

3) All charges will be displayed, including and applicable Taxes and Surcharges. 

4) Click confirm.  




how to purchase an add-on

If you run out of data during your billing cycle you can opt to purchase an Add-On. This will last until your current plan expires. In some cases it may not be advisable to purchase an Add-on. 

To purchase an Add-on please go to. 

1) Click Add-ons

2) Select the Add-on you wish to purchase by clicking Get Add-on.







how to Select your charity

TPO Mobile allows all of it's customers to nominate a charity that will receive 10% of your monthly spend. 

If you haven't yet nominated your account, this guide will show you how to do it!

1) Head to My 10% Contribution. 

2) Select Choose My Charity Now.

3) Browse our database and select the charity you love the most! 









how to Check your usage. 

If you want to know how much data, minutes and text messages you have used this month, click usage. 

On the left you will see the allowance included in your Plan. On the right you will see how much allowance you have left. 








how to view your billing history

To view your history of payments please click Bills & Payments. You will then see a history of transactions on your account. 





How To Set Up Auto-PAY

To enable or disable Auto-pay, click the appropriate button and click Save.